4.1 Meeting in Czechia

  • Maths is Fine with Digital Style

    Project meeting in Czechia

    29th May - 4th June


    Sunday - 29th May

    Arriving in the Czech Republic
    Accommodating in families

    Monday - 30th May

    Meeting at school

    Welcoming our guests
    Meeting the Mayor of the town 

    Short performance 

    Partners presentations - videos

    Tuesday - 31st May

    Project activities in the school

    - creating Maths comics

    Hand-made Glass factory - Pačínek - Kunratice

    Wednesday - 1st June

    International Day of Children - celebration

    • fun activities at school

    Thursday - 2nd June

    Visiting Prague
    Prague Castle, Charles’s Bridge, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock

    Friday - 3rd June

    Children stay in the classes
    - Maths s iPadem

    - English

    - Craft

    School Garden Party

    • meeting of parents, pupils and our guests
    • Certification

    • Saying goodbye

    Saturday - 4th June