1.2. Spain - Canarian Islands

  • Centro de Educación Infantil y Primaria Anselmo Pérez de Brito,

    Canarian Islands, Spain


    CEIP Anselmo Pérez de Brito has 180 pupils from 3-12 years old. Our staff consists of 14 full-time teachers with a mix of young and more experienced teachers. Our students live in La Palma Island, Canary Islands, Spain. We offer English from 3 years old, Science in English and French in 5º and 6º grade, we also a significant number of students who have special educational needs. Through this partnership on this project, our institution aims to encourage our students and teachers to gain better learning experiences at school and abroad through the collaboration of foreign students and teachers. We will encourage our children to develop their healthy habits across physical education, training sports, and healthy food. We promote in our school a “Fruit Plan” during the school year, offering free fruit for our students during the break, we also try to change the lifestyle by improving outdoors activities, such as sailing and swimming in May and June. We have experience with two previous Erasmus projects and we enjoyed the hard work and the profitable results.

    Most of our parents are employed in tourist services, agriculture, and building. Our domestic economy depends on these industries, then they fail, it results in social impoverishment, unemployment, and lower incomes. Our pupils don´t have the same opportunities as other children from the main islands such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Consequently, we want to improve our pupils skills to use the English language, as a vehicle to develop the necessary skills to form relationships with children from other countries.

    The key person on our Erasmus team is María Inmaculada Pérez Guerra (head of studies), she has coordinated all our school´s European programmes and e-Twinning projects. She also is in the AICLE coordinator (bilingual teaching in the school) and she has a definitive place in this school. She acts as a mentor to our younger members of staff and encourages the teachers to become involved in new European projects to improve our own learning and teaching by participating in new professional and personal development experiences. The headmistress, Silvia Perera Carmona is involved too in the projects (English teacher) and two curricular teachers who worked on the development of our previous projects. All of the key persons involved can use e-twinning and have digital competence and will help to move the school forward in a European context. Our school offers good practices on the development of ICT competencies, outdoor activities, and bilingual teaching.