1st Newsletter (Italy)








        ... HELLO DAY (part one) - 30th October 2015 : 1st Online Meeting via Skype (part 1)                                                                    Local Times: 9.30 am Albufeira, 10.30 am Carbonia & Willstaett, 11.30 am Põlva & Rosiori de vede 

        ... HELLO DAY (part two) - 5th November 2015 : 1st Online Meeting via Skype (part 2)                                                                     Local Times: 3.00 pm Albufeira, 4.00 pm Carbonia, 5.00 pm Koçarli.

        ... FIRST TRANSNATIONAL MEETING - 18th - 22nd January 2016 :  the first meeting among the 6 project                            partner countries was held in Carbonia (Sardinia - Italy)




        ... PRESENTATION OF THE PROJECT  - 19th January 2016, by Mr Aurélio Nascimento, Legal Representative of the project

        ... PRESENTATION OF THE ROLE OF THE COORDINATOR - 19th January 2016, by Mary Grace Carvalho, Pedagogical          Coordinator of the Project: " To make a Project is similar to create a mini enterprise" 

        ... DISPLAY OF THE HELLO DAY VIDEO - 19th January 2016, by Mary Grace Carvalho, Pedagogical Coordinator                            of the Project


    by Ingrid Huber (Germany)  https://youtu.be/Bz6qy64b0OQ ,

    by Flori Costache (Romania)  https://youtu.be/ZNqAnBwUP50 , and , and ,

    by Maria Tserepaha (Estonia)  https://youtu.be/WgXpcc3CPK0 ,

    by Selim çekin (Turkye)

         ... OVERVIEW OF THE "PIANO SULCIS" - 19th January 2016, by Arch. Laura Tuveri and Eng. Alfonso Sanna                     (province CI):  "The role of the istitutions in enhancing youth entrepreneurship and help students develop and                                 increase their skills and create job opportunities for their own future" 

        ... MINI-ENTREPRENEURS MEETS PIANO SULCIS - 19th January 2016, by Werther Bertoloni and Patrizia Cugusi :       Beccaria-Mini Entrepreneurs-Piano Sulcis  - "The schools meets the institutions of the territory and works with them"

        ... PRESENTATION OF THE PROJECT LOGO CREATION - 20th January 2016, by the Italian Students of 4^A-sia                    (Manuel Arca,    Simone Bullegas,     Rachele Dessi' ,    Alessandro Masciullo,      Giada Pisanu,       Lorenzo Voini,                                   Michele Guerra) 

        ... eTWINNING PLATFORM - 20th January 2016, by Michele Guerra (Italian Student of 4^A-sia):  " eTwinning -                              a useful tool for our project"

        ... A BOOKLET FOR ENGLISH LEARNERS - 20th January 2016, by Mary Grace Carvalho, Pedagogical Coordinator                     of the Project: "Didactic support for teaching English"  (part1  )  - (part 2 )

        ... PREPARATION OF THE NEXT MEETING - 22nd January 2016, by Maria Tserepaha : "Information and useful detalils concerning the 1st training activity"

        ... REARRANGEMENT OF THE PROJECT PLAN - 22nd January 2016, by Mary Grace Carvalho,    Pedagogical                         Coordinator  of the Project : " The Spanish portfolio will be replaced by a group acitivity; Presentation of E&S;                                           To write the adventures of E&S in each partner country" 

        ... PREPARATION OF THE 1st NEWSLETTER - 22nd January 2016, by Mary Grace Carvalho, Pedagogical                         Coordinator  of the Project




        ... MINI ENTREPRENEURS AT SCHOOL LOGO  - January 2016, by the Italian Students of 4^A-sia of IISS "Cesare Beccaria" Carbonia: the process of LOGO CREATION, which started in October 2015 has come to a conclusion

    ... eTWINNING PLATFORM FOR THE PROJECT - January 2016, Werther Bertoloni (Computer Science teacher) and Michele Guerra (student of 4^A-sia) have completed the implementation of the web platform, where all the materials developed for the project will be uploaded and shared among the partners.

    ... PROJECT WEB SITE  - Some days after the 1st meeting, the Italian team (in charge of the ICT area of the project management) has become the owner of the web site domain that will be used for future activities, in parallel with the eTwinning                                    Platform:    www.mini-entrepreneurs.eu




        ... CARBONIA  - Monday 18 Jan: The young history of Carbonia has been discovered through a tour around                        Piazza Roma, Torre Littoria, ...

    ... PORTO FLAVIA and TRATALIAS - Tuesday 19 Jan: visit to the underground mining complex of Porto Flavia and                           to the Romanesque Cathedral of Tratalias.

    ... NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF CAGLIARI  - Wednesday 20 Jan: the Giants of Mont'e Prama (ancient stone sculptures created by Nuragic Civilization of Sardinia, carved in local sandstone with height variable between 2 and 2.5 meters)             and the four excavation campaigns are the main aim of the visit to the National Archaeologicxal Museum of Cagliari.

    ... BARUMINI and "SA REINA"  - Thursday 21 Jan: visit to the main Sardinian Nuragic  complex ("Su Nuraxi"), near the village of Barumini and the " S'Ortu Mannu" natural park, where the impressive exemplar of olive tree "Sa Reina" (The Queen), a true natural Monument, is the proof of the millenary origin of the site.

    ... mini-ENTREPRENEUR OF THE "BISSO"  - Friday 22 Jan: visit to the mini enterprise of Chiara Vigo, in the little town of S.Antioco island.

    ... MONTE SIRAI and TURRI WATCHTOWER  - Friday 22 Jan: Mount SIRAI, the unique Phoenician-Punic site in the world where the image of the goddess TANIT carved on stone in its inverted position is found, and the Turri coast watchtower in the S.Antioco island, have been visited.