3rd Newsletter(Portugal)




    3rd Transnational Meeting




    o    The meeting in Agrupamento de Escolas Albufeira Poente, Portugal was held with the participation of 6 partner countries, from  08 to 12 May, 2017 . In the meeting, and according to the schedule, there was a visit to the town centre and the old town of Albufeira, on the 1st day.

    o     All the partners, as well as the Representative of the Portuguese National Agency, dra. Ana Cunha, participated in the welcome dinner.

    o    On the 2nd day the partners were received by Mr. Aurélio Nascimento, the Director of the Agrupamento de Escolas Albufeira Poente and students from the class 2ºTT made a guided tour to the school, and after that the partners participated in several seminars



     May,9, 2017

    o    Seminar in Administration by  Mr. Aurélio Nascimento. 

    o    Seminar in  European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training ( ECVET), The Europass documentation( Certificate, Diploma and Europass Mobility) by Ms. Maria da Graça Carvalho


    o    Seminar in Entrepreneurship at school : Presentation of the activities done for the project by each partner.


    o    Seminar in the area of ICT: Didactic aspects of ICT in the reality of digital natives  by Mr. Verther Bertoloni

    May,10, 2017

    o    Dissemination activity in Opto Eu

    May,11, 2017

    Seminar about Intercultural Dialogue by a certified teacher from ACM (previously ACIDI)





    o    The participants visited the mini enterprise Quinta do Mel, in Albufeira, on May,9;

    o    The participants visited the town market in Loulé, to see mini enterprises’ products, on May, 10, in the morning and in the afternoon, they visited the Ethnographic Museum in Faro;

    o    The participants visited Zoomarine – a local PME(Small and Medium Enterprises), on May 12;

    o    On May 12, in the evening, it was the Community evening – Farewell dinner- with the presence of the Education Regional Delegate, all the partners, the Direction of the school and Adjoins, teachers and staff. This dinner had the presence of Filipa Sousa, a local Fado singer who sang several Fados and other Portuguese music.