The Erasmus+ Project (2015-1-PT01-KA219-012951_1) will serve as a learning tool to acquire and develop new skills throughout the project accomplishing the following goals:

    - improve the success of these youngsters, through strategies that may lead them to find perspectives of success;

    - innovate and improve the quality of teaching, through exploration/experience of new ideas;

    - develop project management and multicultural team work techniques, working in diverse cultural contexts and conditions;

    - improve skills of intercultural learning methodology and compare their skills of teaching with their colleagues from partner countries;

    - promote the sense of entrepreneurship between students ;

    - promote attitudes forward social success, lifelong learning and employability;

    - learn to be entrepreneurs;- identify interesting careers and the way of accessing to the world of work;

    - understand the relation between education and success in life;

    - recognize the importance of staying at school.

    Every partner of the project has specific tasks on the project implementation and is responsible for its implementation. Every partner has chosen a specific strategy as a main point of the project. These areas are the ones necessary to create the mini- enterprises:

    a) Coordinator – Portugal;

    b) ICT (New technologies) – Italy;

    c) Environmental and Social Responsibility – Romania ;

    d) Inclusion (students with physical or intellectual limitations can have a role in active life) – Estonia and Germany.

    e) New materials/ New Activities – All partners; 

    The activity will start in September 2015, and will end in August 2017.

    During this period, the activity among partners will be continuous.


    The creation of a free-eBook with the description of the project from the beginning to the end and containing information about all the countries, the partner schools, the training activities, the materials created, the newsletters, the cultural events and training activities and the projects of the mini-enterprises proposed by students, all the outputs, will be made and published in a public TwinSpace.