Logo Creation


    (a short but... interesting story)




    Logo creation is one of the main activities related to a company start-up, this activity usually relies on individual's personal creativity but it also needs to consider some basic criteria:

    1. Few colours < 5
    2. Easy to read
    3. Easily recognizable among many others No use of well-known logos or Clip-art Easily readable texts
    4. Black and white readability
    5. Approved or well-accepted by more than 3 people Not in contrast with what it represents
    6. Easy to describe
    7. Should arouse feelings of strength and confidence rather than weakness and boredom

    Our whole activity was carried on via a blended approach: face-to-face in the classroom and through Flipped Learning approach.

    It lasted approximately 3 months (from October to December) and it took us approximately 10 hours (1 hour per week at school). At the same time, every single student tried to develop his/her ideas devoting to the task an amount of hours we cannot easily quantify, although we know it took them many hours!



    The main activity steps can be described as follows:

    A. Cooperative Learning to identify the meaning that the logo was supposed to convey and a guided follow-up clarifying discussion;

    B. Lab activity;


    C. Search on the Net to look for logos related to youth entrepreneurship in order to get inspiration from successful expericences;


    D. Students' development, in pairs or groups, of their first drafts, at school;


    E. First activity check: the first students' "works" were shown to the teacher. They could not be considered 'real masterpieces' ... but they represented a significant starting point;


    F. Students' individual development and improvement of their drafts, at home;


    G. Second activity check and activity development: new face-to-face discussion with the teacher and...immeasurable fear, if not terror, to be unable to accomplish the task and achieve effective result!


    H. Students development and improvement of their drafts, at home;


    I. Activity development in lab;


    J. Students' individual development and improvement of their drafts, at school then at home;


    K. Collection of students' drafts or "uncompleted works":






    L. After a comparison stage, and a lively discussion among students and the teacher, three different logos were created, by assembling and modifying the most representative ones, and here is the first outcome:




    And the winner was ...



    ... maybe it’s not the best logo in the world

    but ...
    it’s the result of our efforts






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