• This is Bulgaria - our small but beautiful country! 

    And here is Smolyan - our town!

    Smolyan is a beautiful town in the south of Bulgaria and it is famous for its divine nature! On June 18, 1960 the three villages Smolyan, Ustovo and Raykovo merged into the town of Smolyan as we know it today. Its name comes from the name of the Slavic tribe which long ago inhabited the region. The town has been around since ancient times, with the region associated with the legendary Thracian singer and musician Orpheus. Nowadays  Smolyan is the smallest regional centre in Bulgaria and it is also known for being the longest town in Bulgaria with its 25km length.

    The name of our school is "St.st. Cyril and Methodius".Our school is a secondary comprehensive school and it is the biggest one in the region. There are approximately 700 students from 7 to 19 years old and from different ethnic and social groups.

    In the presentation below you can find more information and many interesting facts!

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    The school's websitehttp://www.sou-kim.com/