Italian Mobility - 4th Virtual Mobility 21/02/2022 - 24/02/2022

  • The 4th Mobility was hosted by Italy and it was again conducted virtually. It took place in the period from the 21st of February to the 24 of February 2022.

    The program of the mobility: 

    Fourth Virtual Mobility programme.pdf

    Each team presented its members at the welcome ceremony. The Bulgarian team chose to record a shoort video in advance. In this video the participats are telling their names, age and hobbies. After the presentations all teams had an ice-breaking game of guessing the interests of the other participants.


    Along with ourselves we introduced our towns and schools!

    • Bulgaria


    Another interesting moment of the Italian Mobiility was the presentation of the created videos bbetween the 3rd and the 4th mobilitiies. There were videos of cooking local dishes and videos of interviewing a local craftsman.

    • Bulgaria


    Mobility 4

    here are some outputs provided by the French team:

    the presentation of a local inititives


    the presentation of a local dish


    the presentation of the European Parliament in Strasbourg that the French students visited