Questionnaire on How Covid 19 has affected our lives




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    Comment parler de la COVID-19 aux enfants? | Carrefour éducation​​​​​​​1. Has your life become much different after covid 19?

    2. How did you feel during the quarantine?


    3. What do you miss from your normal life?

    ​​​​​​​4. Did you have Covid?​​​​​​​

    5. Do you prefer online class or face to face lessons?

    6. How has the situation affected the restaurants and shops in your town?

    7. Did you spend a lot of time away from school and how did you feel?

    8. Did the shops close at some point?

    9. Did you have a curfew?

    Covid 19 Affiche Avec L'icône Du Virus | Vecteur Gratuite​​​​​​​



    Results of the conducted survey: