Group 6 (Spain-Germany)


    Script F


    Topic: Belonging


    Spain– Script F


    A protagonist: 

    Somone who is different from the rest

    A conflict:

    with themselves

    A goal:

    Be proud of yourself, always

    A time or place:

    Social Media


    They feel out of place, need to belong

    A plot:

    They find people who accept them as themselves


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    In the shop, the father is working and there were two boys eating. After Amira goes into the kebab: 

    Amira - Hello, dad.

    Father - Hi Amira, how was your day? 


    Amira - Very badly. Since we moved from Turkey, I don’t get on well with my classmates. 


    Father - But, what happens? 

    Amira - I feel lonely and I don’t manage the language well. 

    Father - But don’t you have friends? 

    Amira - No dad, I don’t understand them. 

    Father – Those two boys are your partners, aren’t they? 

    Amira - Yes, they are in my high school but I don’t dare to talk to them and also... 

    Father - An also what? What happens? 

    Amira - I don’t want them to see me working because they only study. 

    Father - Don’t worry, the problem will be solved and you will be happy. And now I need your help. 



    The bell rings, Amira goes to the playground. The students look at  their mobile phones, they start laughing and she doesn´t know why. She unlocks the mobile phone and she finds a photo on Instagram. In the photo she is working at her dad´s restaurant.     

    The students that are near Amira ask her:

    Students - are you the one in the photo?                                                                                                            (they start laughing) (Amira feels bad)

    Amira - Yes, what´s up? Any problem about that? It´s ridiculous!

    Her classmates start showing the picture., She runs to the bathroom as far as she can. She goes  into one of the toilets.     

    Then two girls start talking about the picture:

    Girl 1 - Have you already seen the photo of the new student? HAHAHA

    Girl 2 - Of course, everybody has seen it!

    Girl 1 - It´s pathetic!

    Girl 2 -So… she works in a kebab, doesn’t she?

    Girl 1 -I can´t imagine her feelings right now

    The bell rings, the break is over.




    Amira leaves the high school when the classes finish. She feels sad and lonely.


    Boy 1- Amira, Amira! Your jacket, you forgot it.


    Amira - Thanks. (She starts to cry).


    Boy 1What happens? Did I make you feel bad?


    Amira - It´s not your fault. Didn´t you see the stickers?


    Boy 1Yes, but… What does it matter? I and my friends think you are a great girl since you arrived. Don´t make a fuss about this. Social Networks are not such a great deal.


    Amira - But how can’t I make a fuss if everyone laughs at me?


    Boy 1 - You shouldn´t care about what other people think. These stickers only show that you help your parents.


    Girl 3- You should be proud and show everything you´re worth.


    Boy 2 - We already know it.



    Everyone gives a hug.

    Boy 2 - Come on!






    Topic: Belonging


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