Group 1 (Germany-UK)


    Script A


    Topic: War


    German group – Script A


    A protagonist: 

    Female president of the United States

    A conflict:

    with the leader of an alien species

    A goal:

    an alliance with the aliens

    A time or place:

    the future, the White House, Washington


    they want world domination

    A plot:

    they have taken world leaders hostage and holding them to ransom


    For teacher:

    German group can write  the script here:



    Script here:"


    The Presidential Kindnapping


    Script Erasmus Germany


    Scene 1 


    (Loud banging)


    President:       What was that? 


    Assistant:        I don't know. 


    President:       it sounded like an impact. Come on, check it out! 


    Assistant:        Um. . . Madam President. . . maybe you should take a look  

                             at this. 


    President:       WHAT IS THAT?! 


    Alien Boss:     What a strange environment. . . What are they, then? 


    President:       What are you if I may ask? You look well. . . somehow not          

                             like you're from this world.


    All aliens:        Neither are we! We come from the planet Neptune. 


    President:       And then what are they doing here in our city, in our country  

                             and on our earth?! 


    Alien Boss:     We are here to make a compromise with you humans. How  

                             about we get 50% of the earth and in return you get 50% of  

                             the Neptune?


    President:       Absolutely not! Earth is not yours. 


    Alien Boss:     All right, how about 30%? 


    President:       No! Neither 50%, nor 30%, nor any other information. 


    Alien Boss:         Fine as they want, but they will regret that bitterly I can tell you. 


     (Aliens leave the stage)


    President:        What was that all about? That was just a joke, right? 


    Assistant:        Hmm. (shrugs shoulders)




    Scene 2 


    (One week later)


    Newsreader:     Welcome to the news at 6:00. 

                               Last night we got the news that the German Chancellor  

                               was reported missing. (power off) 


    President:         What's this all about? How does someone get to a  

                               politician? That can't be possible. 


    (phone ringing)


    President:          Unknown. . . Hmm. 

                                Who's that? 


    Telephone:         Good afternoon, long time not heard. 


    President:          Who are they and what do they want?


    Phone:                I told you, you will regret it bitterly. 


    President:          The alien? But it can't be. 


    Phone:                If you don't want more presidents and chancellors to be  

                                kidnapped then give us at least 50% of the earth. 


    Politician:           (hangs up) What am I supposed to do now?




    Scene 3


    (The next day)


    Newsreader:      Welcome to the news at 12:00. 


                                Again we got a message that all presidents except the US  

                                president disappeared strangely.


                                Why is that? If you have any indication of the current

                                location, please respond. 


    President:          Oh, no. This is my fault, but what am I supposed to do



    (phone ringing)


    President:           What do you want? 

    Phone:                 My compromise has expired. Now it's too late for you and  

                                 your little world. She's ours now. 


    (President pulled backstage)











    Topic: War


    UK group – Performamce