Group 5 (Malta-Spain)


    Topic: A new beginning


    Malta – Script E


    A protagonist: 

    A group of friends starting college

    A conflict:

    Losing their old friends

    A goal:

    Keep old friends and make new ones

    A time or place:

    Farewell party moving to Freshers party


    Their future

    A plot:

    Stay true to yourself and make new friends


    A new beginning


    The protagonists:

    Amanda & Sarah – 2 friends who are at their final year in the current school and who are going to different colleges the following scholastic year.


    The conflict:

    Afraid of losing their old friends and of having to make new friends



    Amanda and Sarah have been school mates and best friends for a very long time.  They’re in their final year at their current school and when they’re preparing for the prom night they realise that things were going to change as from the following scholastic year. 

    Scene 1




    Amanda and Sarah – 2 best friends


    Amanda’s bedroom


    Amanda and Sarah are getting ready from their prom night at Amanda’s house and Sarah is helping Amanda with her hair.  They are talking about how excited they are to begin a new chapter of life.


    Sarah:              I can’t believe we’re already done with high school.

    Amanda:          I know right? Time flies so fast.

    Sarah:              Have you thought about where you’re going next?

    Amanda:          I think I’m going to Junior College.  What about you?

    Sarah:              I don’t know yet.  I’m still undecided between Medical  

                             School or Higher Secondary.


    Amanda:         Can’t you come to Junior College?  It’s a great school.

    Sarah:              That school won’t lead to my future job.

    Amanda:         We’ll talk about this later.  It’s our farewell party  

                            tonight.  Let’s enjoy it.

    They get ready and hear the limousine coming for them so they go to the farewell party.

    Scene 2



    Amanda and Sarah

    Ella, Zoe, Brooke, Martina – other friends

    Other students at the party



    At the farewell party


    A group of students are already on the dance floor dancing when Amanda and Sarah arrive at the party.


    Ella:                 Oh! You made it on time for once.

    Amanda:         Haha yes Sarah helped me with my hair so I got ready


    Zoe:                 Have you thought about which school you’re going to

                             next year?

    Sarah:              Amanda and I were just talking about it at her house.

    Brooke:           Daniel and I are going to law school.  What about you?

    Amanda:         I’m going to Junior College and Sarah is going to

                           medical school.

    Zoe:                 Oh I just realized we’re all going to go our separate  


    Martina:          It doesn’t mean that we won’t meet anymore.  We can  

                           still hang out.


    Sarah:              Let’s just enjoy this party.  It’s our last one together. 

                             We shouldn’t talk about our future for now.


    They keep on dancing and having fun till the party ends.


    Scene 3



    Amanda and Sarah



    Amanda’s bedroom


    The group spent all Summer together and now Amanda has a fresher’s party at the Junior College. Amanda is lying down on her bed lost in her thoughts until she decides to call Sarah.


    Sarah:              Hey. What’s up?

    Amanda:         I’m scared Sarah.  What if this school isn’t the right

                            one for me?  What if I don’t fit in?

    Sarah:              Calm down.  Just be yourself and you’ll make friends i

                             in no time.

    Amanda:         What if they don’t accept me?

    Sarah:              They will. I promise.  If you stay true to yourself you won’t have to worry.  Just know I will always be here for you.

    Amanda:         Thanks Sarah.  I’m grateful for your support.  I have to go now.  Bye!


    Scene 4




    Charlie, Elenia – new students Amanda will meet at the party

    Other students at the party



    At the fresher’s party

    Amanda feels more confident and once she enters the party she goes to talk to a group.


    Charlie:           Hi there.  Are you new here?

    Amanda:         Yeah.  I’m very excited to be here.

    Elenia:             I hope you enjoy it.  Junior College has a great

                            community and we look forward to meeting new


    Amanda:         I’m looking forward to making new friends.


    Amanda continues to talk to the group and spends an amazing night chatting and dancing with them.  She gets to know them more.  Amanda is still in touch with her old friends but also made new friends and everything worked out at the end.


    Script E


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    Topic: A new Beginning


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