Group 3 (Italy-Greece)


    Script C


    Topic: Bullying


    Italy – Script C


    A protagonist: 

    Victim -> someone who has moved to a new country and new job

    A conflict:

    Ignored in the workplace

    A goal:

    They manage to save the company from bankruptcy

    A time or place:

    Wall Street, Stock Exchange


    Determined to succeed

    A plot:

    No-one listens to them, until they save the company


    For teacher:

    Italy group can write  the script here:



    Salvador Giuseppe's school of bullying.


    Peppe: Hmm yes very good... Class! It's time for class! Well, you know what day it is today?

    Maria: No boss.

    Peppe: Today we're learning about bullying!

    Carmine: Wait but this wasn't on the test.

    Peppe: (Nothing was on the test) Haha anyway one of you will be beaten to death by the others. Doesn't it sound fun?

    Juan: Oh my mum has called I've got to go-

    Peppe: Haha no you stay here. So... who of you shall be our specimen... Juan!

    Juan: No, I didn't do anything, please!

    Peppe: Oh I guess it's fate dear. Maria, your turn.

    Maria: Go down!


    [Maria puts Juan to the ground]


    Juan: No Maria we're friends!

    Peppe: Remember all of the lessons we've had?

    Maria: Of course boss. [Hits Juan]

    Maria: It's not fair boss!


    [Maria is hit back by Juan]


    Peppe: Well that was dissapointing... Carmine! Your turn.

    Carmine: [Gets ready to hit Juan but stops] How... What am I supposed to do?

    Peppe: Carmine we have done seventy-three lessons on this, you should know.


    Juan: Why me?

    Peppe: [To Juan] You shut your mouth until you're dead. [Back to Carmine] Just do something! Beat her over the head, punch her in the mouth, kick her in the kidneyes, just do something!

    Carmine: Yeah but if you don't tell me anything what am I supposed to do?

    Peppe: Enough Carmine! No food for you this week! So... Who's left... Hmm... Ah! Andò! My best student, with a kill count of thirty-six small animals!

    Juan: No, don't. He'll kill me!

    Peppe: That's exactly the point. C'mon Andò, it's your turn.

    Andò: With pleasure. [Starts hitting Juan]

    Peppe: That's fine Andò. Let her die from her wounds.


    [Juan dies]


    Peppe: It seems this lesson has ended and Andò, who's the only one who actually went well, will recieve his diploma in bullying. [Hands over a gun to Andò] Now kill the others.

    Maria: No wait




    Carmine: Excuse me!

    Andò: I'm sorry. [Guns down Maria]

    Carmine: [Starts running away]

    Andò: I don't like peace! [Shoots Carmine]

    Peppe: A job well done.

    Andò: [Grabs Peppe and points the gun at him] Now it's your turn.

    Peppe: Wait no... Andò please, you were my best student, you were like a son to me...

    Andò: I want the money, I want to be the boss!

    Peppe: No Andò please- [Peppe is shot by Andò]

    Andò: Now I am the




    Topic: Bullying


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