Irene Papadopetraki, 8th P.S. Kifissia

  • Within November, my students had the chance to play some games from the collection APP-MATRIX ! They enjoyed it very much ! Thank you Iva, Georgia, Eleni, Demet and Bilge for this unique creation !


    Then, following Stavroula's nice work, our students watched along with their English teacher Stella, an interesting video regarding the basics of Machine Learning: 

    Machine Learning Basics

    Then in the laboratory, they completed their course by playing Quick, Draw and Sketch-Rnn, enabling them to better understand the concept of Machine Learning mechanism! They enjoyed it very much. Especially in Quick Draw, most of them got 6 out of 6 correct !

    Finally, on November 14, Stella and I worked together with the students of ST1 class on the topic of "Machine Learning and Bias". The students watched the video Machine Learning and Human Bias, as well as the Computing Human Bias with AI Technology in order their awareness on the issue to be raised. As expected, at first the students had a difficulty in realizing how human bias can affect the machine learning, but after watching the videos and having a whole class discussion, they had a clearer vision of the matter. Then, they worked in groups and they excitedly created a poster and two word clouds (