2nd junior high school of Ioannina for Intercultural Education

  • SID 2020 and Robot communication activities

    SID 2020

    Students in our school and etwinning partners wrote their thoughts in a padlet https://padlet.com/matzouma/atvxoo36j6vb about hate speech and inappropriate pictures in Social Media.
    They also made comics with https://www.makebeliefscomix.com/

    Robot feeling temperature and light
  • Collaborative tasks. We  proposed some harmful and harmless prictures (using pegi icons and emojies to protect students from brutal images) and uploaded them in the collaborative WAKELET.


    We  put in activities about how computers and robots perceive our world  our GIGO microbit. We took it in February, as part of our partitipation in eTwinning STEM program, and started examing its sensors and exploring the many features. 

    We met again after Covid19 lockdown and continiue our work. This is the robot we made. It can "feel" temperature and light and can "tell" us some informations. See the video