September 2019 Activities

  • Overview: Depending on the students' age, the teachers' specialty and the available hours/week for our project, we can run someof the below activities and share students' outcomes (quiz, game,poster..).

    Collaborative Outcome: create an oline collaborative picture dictionary by teachers and students about the computers' hardware (inside the computer, input and output devices). We will use SWAY web tool ( see discussion page and Collaborative Picture Dictionary Page).

    Computers and the Internet 

    Teachers- September 2019: 

     Students September 2019:

    • Learn how computers and the Internet work

    Activities' Goals: students have to :

    • realize why we need computers or/and Internet
    • how computers or/and Internet work
    • what are their impact on our daily life & environment 


    The main idea is to make the students understand that a computer:

    1) Uses Input data: here we can talk how those data are provided (keyboard, mouse, sensors..), their type (documents, pictures, audio, video), how computers see data (digit,bit, 0-1) 

    2) Process data: here we can talk about the CPU, the human brain, the processing speed of computers versus humans, maybe introduce a question about intelligence, what kind of processes can a computer do

    3) Gives an output: here we can talk about output devices, how important is the information's the computer give us, how the result of the process is dependent of the quality and accuracy of the input data

    4) Collect & Share data: where we can save those data and information (harddisks, usb, Cloud) , how we can share them (Internet, Internet of Things)

    Examples of Resources/Activities (not exclusive - discuss for more activities in Discussion Section) :

    Computer's Parts for young students


  • Partner' Activities Overview

    2nd P.S Nea Erythraia,Greece

    What's inside the computer

    II. osnovna škola Čakovec, Croatia

    My students watched videos from (How Computers Work playlist). This was an excellent opportunity to repeat what they have learned last school year, but also to start thinking about the topic of our project, the Artificial Intelligence.
    More images: Materials - Images

    II. osnovna škola Čakovec, Croatia

    My students also solved LearningApps games prepared for the September activities within this project.

    Evren Paşa Secondary School - Demet Mert

    We examined the parts inside the computer cases. A student prepared a " Central Unit Board" with the help of his parents at home. And we have collected a computer, using the pc collection wizard.

    Mustafa Kiriş Ortaokulu Efeler/Aydın/Turkey

    September activities: Today, I introduced computer hardwares to my students. They watched the presentation with great interest.

    Mustafa Kiriş Ortaokulu Efeler/Aydın/Turkey

    Our presentation about computer hardwares and internet.

    Mustafa Kiriş Ortaokulu Efeler/Aydın/Turkey

    Our presentation about computer hardware and internet.

    Ist.Comp.T.Valenti Trevi Italy

    Presentation of computer hardwares

    Aristotelio College, Thessaloniki, Greece

    Introduction to hardware and the main parts of the PC.

    Bilal Varel Güzelhisar Primary School Efeler Aydın Turkey

    First I prepared the power point presentation about hardware of PC and my students watched it. Then I will show them the parts of PC. They explore their names and they learned what they do in English.

    Bilal Varel Güzelhisar Primary School Efeler Aydın Turkey

    Learning Apps

    They played the games in the Learning Apps section that created by project partners.

    2nd Junior High School of Ioannina for Intercultural Education

    My students were taught about hardware and the Internet in the previous class so now they just remembered using the old computers we have for this purpose.