Analysis of cloth materials


    Here you have an easy experiment to know more about some clothes materials:


    1. We say, that we will be testing permeability of fabrics to water and air. I tell that some fabrics do
    not leak water or wind, but we don't feel well if we wear them longer time, we start to sweat.
    2. We show students 4 different types of fabrics. They feel them and pass them on.
    3. We ask them how should we do the test to see how textile let in air. The test must be done in the
    classroom, so everyone can see. They share ideas.
    4. We tell them,
    - we will mark texstiles with letters A, B, C, D so it will make it easier for understanding,
    - we will test each textile in the same way: we will hold it away from hairdryer about 30 cm (mark
    with tape on school desk), we will use the same power of hairdryer, on the other side we will
    hold a stick with small pieces of paper which will show how much air comes through (the higher
    they go, more air comes through),
    - before starting the test, we ask them to predict which textile is going to let air through the most
    and the least.
    5. First test (see attachment bellow in Slovenian):
    a) 1st test: air permeability of fabrics
    Finding: The bigger the holes, more air comes through.
    Before second test I invite them to give ideas how to test permeability of fabrics to water
    b) 2nd test: permeability of fabrics to water
    Questions after the test:
    - Whish fabric is most permeable to water?
    - Which fabric is the least permeable to water?
    - What fabric can a cape be made of? What about parachute?
    Finding: Fabrics that have no holes or are very small do not leak water.

    Pictures bellow show another test with water:
    - Put different textiles on top of the jar.
    - Pour through same amount of water.
    - Measure time – how long does it take water to come through the textile.


    As you know we can not go to school because of corona virus so we did our experiments at home and combined them in this video.We did two tests 1.Water 2.Air



    The students did the experiment to test the permeability of different types of tissue and wrote the procedures and the conclusions in experimental poticollus.


    Students study the composition of different fabrics and how they react to combustion.



    Textile analysis.docx