Our ecological gardens at our schools

  • Here we will upload photos and videos of our gardens.


    We are already preparing our garden:


    HAve a look at video above to see how it is now!!!

    Our first lettuces...



    Educating young about high bed and fruit trees

    Fruit farmer explaining why do we need to cut trees in the spring

    Everybody waiting to cut their own tree in our school garden

    We got the plants from our garden Volčji potok (https://www.arboretum.si/)


    Fruit farmer also educating teachers of Osnovna šola Žiri, Slovenia


    First a bit of theory about tree gardens

    We need to plant these

    High beams with planted strawberries and vegetables




    Looks like everything is growing



    Watering plants in our garden in Žiri


    Nice that we can eat/enjoy the fruits of our work


    Our seeds are starting to grow. Hopefully in Spring we will be able to go to school and plant them in our garden