3rd Challenge: Second life of Clothes

  • Students in the forum will upload a photo of an old piece of clothes and ask others what they could make out of it. The other students propose him/her some ideas what to make: a mask, a handbag, a pencilcase... Then the students choose one proposal and saw it and make a photo and upload it here.


    Students used old jeans to create beautiful pencil cases. It took a lot of time and effort to finish the project but the result is spectacular. Just look at their works:



















    We challenge our students to share photographs of pieces made of fabric scraps, such as blankets, bread bags, handles ... made by grandparents and great-grandparents ...
    These pieces are one of the traditional elements of our region - Alentejo ... everything was used ...

    How to pack a wonderful suitcase with clothes we no longer use...

    What can I do with THIS?

  • Second life to clothes

    Sport Woman's top

    Joan and Gerard

    A painted T-shirt

    Laura Gallego

    A Barça face mask

    Joan Pere Torres

    Christmas wreath

    Carla Estorach

    Making a denim skirt from a pair of jeans

    Francesc and Julià

    Making a bag from a T-shirt

    Ares and Badre

    Making a new T-shirt from an old one

    Ariadna, Eva and Sergi

    Making Christmas ornaments from old T-shirts


    Making a cushion cover from an old T-shirt

    Sergi Ferrer

    Making a dog's coat from and old jumper

    Bàrbara and Iris

    Making a pillow cover from an old T-shirt


    Making a mask wallet out of old jeans

    Francesc Garcia

    Making a skirt from an old pair of Jeans