• Students post one question and 4 answers (1 right ,3 wrong) in the forum
    We gather them in a collaborative quiz

    Each school post a photo in the Twinboard (group, measure or collage ... ) to represent the school in the quiz

    The quiz can be translated in other languages, from the english version. You can post your translated version in the Twinboard

    2019 Quiz

  • Eratos quiz

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    the shadow of the gnomon through the 4 seasons

    1st High School of Aigio
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    4th Junior High School of Petroupolis, GR

    Highlights of our working process

    Colegiul Ion Kalinderu, Scoala Gimnaziala Sanatoriala, Busteni, Romania

    spring equinox (2019), summer solstice (2019), autumn equinox (2019), winter solstice (2018)

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    Romania-eratos quiz