In search of a Unified theory of innovative methodologies

We are a group of teachers that are developing an Erasmus + proyect. Briefly, our project consists on the following: - We want to learn, share, and practice, new innovative methodologies. - Help our students to improve their English and other languages. - Teach them some transversal skills like researching, being creative, doing projects,… Each ...

6. MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES Teachers Workshop. Spain, 12th-16th March 2017

Multiple Intelligences Workshops





During the Job Shadowing the teacher could explain the Palette we were carrying out with 10th grade philosophy students. As the Palette wasn´t ended, we showed the results of the activities we had already done with students (Bodily-kinesthetic, Linguistic and logical-mathematical) After showing it, we did the activities for the Naturalistic and the Intrapersonal Intelligences:

This is what students did during the Job shadowing:

1) Naturalistic intelligence:

Students went to the playground and searched for natural elements that reminded them the different theories we had studies about Universe (Aristotle, Newton, Galileo, Einstein and quantum physics). They came back to the classroom and explained the photos they had taken and how they were related to the cosmovisions. 

Here are the videos and the pictures students took:



Intrapersonal Intelligence

Students sat doing a semicircle. First, we watched a video that will fire their feelings, thoughts and doubts, so that they could feel the same emotions that philosophers and scientist could have had years ago. 

After the video, students had a time to think alone about what they have seen, and finally, in silence, ther wrote in a cardboard their questions. These questions would be discussed during the following lesson using the Philosophy for children methodology, that means, by talking and conversing with critical thinking. 

Here is the video and some pictures of the activity:





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