5. Online Students Workshop: Games to Learn. 12th December 2016, Rize and Badajoz

  • Date: 12th December

    Pupils: Students from Spain from Turkey

    Aim: To Help students know some web pages related to educational games where they can practise and learn some of the knowledge they get in their lessons and also some 21st century skills (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking)


    Workshop Video


    Take a look at the Web we used to do the workshop!!





    Games we played

    Students tried and gamed 2 Digital games to learn new contents. First one about the periodic tablet, the second one about anatomy, and the third one about English vocabulary: 

    You can click the image and go to the game!


    We also played three games more to improve 21st century skills: Communication, Creativity and Critical thinking:

    Previous Online work carried out by teachers

















    Students Workshop Assessment













































    Results: Students Workshop Assessment