In search of a Unified theory of innovative methodologies

We are a group of teachers that are developing an Erasmus + proyect. Briefly, our project consists on the following: - We want to learn, share, and practice, new innovative methodologies. - Help our students to improve their English and other languages. - Teach them some transversal skills like researching, being creative, doing projects,… Each ...


To verify the improvement and reach of students and teachers expected results the coordinators of the project have developed different tools that allow us to assess after each activity, workshop or mobility the progress of each skill and competence in the participants.

These tools are as follow:

1. Rubrics for local activities (students assessment)

2. Rubrics to be use by teachers after workshops (students assessment)

3. Surveys to students after the mobilities (students assessment)

4. Surveys to parents after the mobilities (students assessment)

5. Questionnaire to teachers after teachers workshops (teachers assessment)

The results of all these tools are studied and analized during the transnational meetings by the project coordinators.

Rize Assesment

Responses for Rize Click on the video to see the results


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Author: Lourdes Cardenal
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