In search of a Unified theory of innovative methodologies

We are a group of teachers that are developing an Erasmus + proyect. Briefly, our project consists on the following: - We want to learn, share, and practice, new innovative methodologies. - Help our students to improve their English and other languages. - Teach them some transversal skills like researching, being creative, doing projects,… Each ...

Project Journal

  • We have a new Web!! There you can find all the results of the project :-)
    - Posted by Lourdes Cardenal, 12.07.2017

  • Thank you students and teachers from Rize! It was a wonderful week! :-*

    RizeII Thank u.jpg

    - Posted by Lourdes Cardenal, 07.12.2016

  • And now... the European Quality Label!! :-D


    - Posted by Lourdes Cardenal, 06.12.2016

  • Yeahhh!!

    QL Etwinning.jpg

    - Posted by Lourdes Cardenal, 17.08.2016

  • The Spanish National Agency has given the Quality Label to our project!!! :-D




    - Posted by Lourdes Cardenal, 17.08.2016