Monuments in Italy using Geogebra

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    Six hundred years ago, 7th August 1420, the first stone of Brunelleschi's Dome was laid!


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    Ronja from Germany

    Thank you! For the helpful videos. I managed to construct a golden spiral.

    Svenja from Germany

    Great videos, thanks. This semester at school our topic is "linear algebra". It is difficult to imagine spatially things. It's nice that GeoGebra can make this clearer.

    Lotta from Germany

    Like Svenja, I had "linear algebra" as a topic at school this semester. With GeoGebra I have now got to know a program that helps me to see what we calculate.

    Athena from Greece

    The videos were very helpful! Very good work! They helped me understand some confusing concepts.

    Spyros - Greece

    It was a nice tutorial, it helped me build the dome of a Byzantine church.
    Thank you for sharing that.

    Vasiliki from Greece

    Thank you for sharing the videos,, they were very helpful and informative! I managed to construct a model of a church, using the tutorial for Brunelleschi's dome.

    Dimitris from Greece

    Good job!!The videos were amazing.I realized that it is possible to make difficult constructions!

    Gunnar from Iceland

    Great job, the videos are very helpful

    Aslaug from Iceland

    Thank you for these great videos. They are very helpful.

    Evelina from Spain

    The videos were really useful and helped me understand a lot of confusing things, they were very clear!

    Daniel from Spain

    the maths are very interesting and these greats videos help to understand it. Thanks from the usefull videos!.

    Jaime from Spain

    the videos have been very interesting and useful to help me understand some things thanks and good work