Waves, boats




    In the Netherlands a lot of people live below sea-level. So you can understand during the last centuries the Dutch people put a lot of energy in working with and against the water. So are you today 😊

    Watch Boat_Introduction.mp4 and you’ll see what your goal will be.


     Now you know what to create. Do you need help or can you do it yourself?


                                #1 Discuss what kind of functions you can user for the waves. How can you make them kind of irregular? Try it in geogebra. Save all your trials as Boat_wave1.ggb and Boat_wave2.ggb etc etc.


    Show your teacher your options.


    You know have a nice wave. You’re going to create a floating point on it.

    #2  Create a floating point on your wave. Save the file as Boat_WaveWithPoint.ggb

           (Hint: you should use a slidebar for the x-coordinate of your point)


    The boat should float as steep as the wave. In order to arrange that you should derive the wave-function and create the tangent (raaklijn, tangente) in your floating point.

    #3  Create the tangent in your floating point.

          Save your file as Boat_TangentWave.ggb

    #4  Use the tangent line to create a nice boat on the wave. Be creative.

          Save the file as Boat_Finale.ggb