There is a lot of water in the Netherlands and therefore a lot of bridges. But there are not only bridges in the Netherlands. There are bridges all over the world.

    Most bridges have a specific common detail: they are beautifully shaped arches.

    With the following online course you can find out what kind of bows they are.

    Let’s start

    To find out, you need to learn about curves.

    In the next video you will learn how you can use a parabole.

    #1         Create a parabole-curve with a horizontal length=10 and a vertical length=3. 

    Save your file as parabole_bridge.ggb.


    You can also use a sinus to get a nice arch. In the next video you'll discover how to use the sinus.


    #2   Create a sinus-curve with a horizontal length=10 and a vertical length=3.

    Save your file as sinus_bridge.ggb.


    #3   Upload your best picture of a bowed bridge or building in geogebra and create a function for the bow. You don´t know how! Please watch the video.



    Save your file as Bridge_best.ggb

    The bridge in Nijmegen looks like this. Take photos of the bridges where you live and try to approximate them in GeoGebra with parabolas as in the example.



    The Greek students and the German students studied all given information above, searched on the Internet, were inspired by the bridges and they created together their own bridges with the use of GeoGebra:

    made by Spiros Eirinakis and Svenja Russ:


    made by Athina Athanasaki and Maximilian Bill:

    The geogebra files can be found here: