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    The acronym "WWM" in this application stands in a double sense for both "Ways with Maths" and "World Wide Maths". The main subject of WWM's work is the use of media and media literacy in mathematical education. Hence the project particularly focusses on new media and new technologies such as the open source mathematical educational software GeoGebra. Multinational student teams will be producing video tutorials for specific GeoGebra files enabling future students to work independently.

    Coming from different countries, from the cradle of mathematics in Greece in the south, through countries with rich mathematical history, it also spread to isolated Iceland. We look at the mathematicians of our countries and how their work has influenced the culture and advances in each society recognising that mathematical progress influences across borders.

    While working with GeoGebra, e.g. exploring the mathematical aspects of buildings in our cities, we will explore what connects us culturally, what we can learn, what differentiates us and how we integrate what we've learned in our schools.