Welcome to our project

  • What is mathematical and how do we find mathematics in things which at first glance don't seem mathematical? This project has two focus points, using technology in mathematics teaching and common history of Europe. These points are obviously different, but they do intertwine in some ways. Among other things we look at the history of mathematics from our countries' points of view and produce video tutorials for GeoGebra. 

    On the next pages you will find an overview of our work.

    We try to describe our work step by step. We are convinced that our project ideas can also be carried out at other schools.

    To sum up, due to this project, we developed collaboration and friendship and as a result, we improved math, computing and English language skills.

    The tools we used  to carry out all the activities of this project  and to create this Twinspace are:

    GeoGebra, Padlet,  Slideshare, Youtube, Google doc, Google spreadsheet,  Google drive, Movie maker, timetoast, Screen cast-O-Matic, Bubble map, Mapsengine, Answergarden, video pad, powerpoint, word, Email, chat, skype, forum, website, gmail Account and a What´s App group only for the teacher, zoom.

    This Twinspace is created to allow an ongoing communication between the participants of the ErasmusPlus project “WWM”.