Maths in History


    We have created a timeline ...

    Together with our pupils, we have created a timeline with famous mathematicians of each country in order to get to know more about the historical mathematical development of the respective participating countries. While working on the timeline, two main aspects became visible:

    1. There are no famous Icelandic mathematicians (Iceland does not have as many inhabitants as the other European countries);

    2. Every country has taken advantage from the different mathematical studies and made alike progresses so far. The evidence is that the European culture has its origin in the ancient Greece. In the old age, many mathematicians were Greek but some of them lived in the south of Italy, ex Magna Grecia.  So the question is: are they Italian, Greek or both? 

    This led to interesting and exciting discussions.


    Look at it


    A journey throughout time and Maths.......


    From the antiquity till to the present, many people, men   and women, managed to succeed in various Maths  sectors. From the Babylonian and Egyptian era till the 21th  AC century  many scientists and philosophers contributed to the development of the Maths….

    Many of those Mathematicians are presented to the below timeline. All of them are coming from our countries and we are proud of them!!!!!

    The Greek team has mentioned not only the Greek men Mathematicians, but also the ancient Greek women ones, who are unknown to the most, in order to illustrate  that nothing in life is donated and women have fought for everything, prevailing racism and prejudice trying to implement  the rights of equality in work and in life…


    The timeline is a collaborative work by all students.


    Follow the link below, move the slider on the timeline and find out those great people who stay immortal in the eternity!!!!!!!!


  • If i were.......

    If I were ------( name)

    a simple sentence....

    If I were Emmy Noether

    I would strive to raise awareness about all the great women mathematicians and their contributions in science!

    Athena - Greece

    If I were Hypatia

    I would be very proud

    Eftychia - Greece

    If i were Leonhard Euler

    I would have tried to find a smart way to multiply and divide imaginary numbers.


    If I were Evariste Galois

    I wouldn't have participated in that duel.

    Vasiliki- Greece

    If I were Alan Turing

    I would continue to study cryptography for improving the securing systems of all the world.

    Francesco - Italy

    If I were Bernard Bolzano

    I would discover a greater number than infinity, so I could explore the universe.

    Theodora - Greece

    If I were Gerolamo Cardano

    In 1553 I wouldn't have refused the prestigious and well-paid offer of the king of France and the queen of Scotland; because most likely they would have given an important financial aid for research
    -Lorenzo Baldoni, Italy

    If I were Ruffini...

    If I had been Ruffini, I wouldn't have been able to do anything other than what he did, because in any case he was able to find solution for polynomials that were difficult to solve with other methods, so it was a unique and useful solution.
    Luca Degli Esposti, Italy

    If i were August Ferdinand

    I would never said that Pluton is not a planet.

    If i were i August ferdnand...

    I would never said that Pluton is not a planet

    Eva López. Spain

    If i were Bruno definetti

    I would invented a language made by numbers.


    If I were Diederik Korteweg

    I would discovered the fourth dimension.


    If I were Peter Scholze

    I would research about area 51.


    If I were Euclid

    I would have written a biography about myself!


    If I were Pythagoras

    I would improve equality in schools even more.
    - Lilja, Iceland

    If i were Isaac Newton

    I would sleep in my bed!


    If i were Alessio Figalli

    I would like to get a professorship at Cambridge University, such as newton, or at another University like Princeton or Harvard.
    Stefan Frentescu Italy


    I would live in ancient greece...
    Also I would have studyed the stars more and the earth .

    If i were Pythagoras

    i would make maths easier so everyone can understand them!


    I would changed my name and the maths!!!!!!!!!
    Dimitris Greece

    Dmitri Mendeleev

    I would advertise my theory of the periodic table more because not many believed him.
    - Stefán, Iceland

    If I were Ada Lovelace

    I would continue to work on the calculus of the nervous system.
    - Ásta, Iceland

    If I were Jan Pijs

    then i would go to every meeting in the world to discuss the children learning of different countries to improve the effect of learning (even if it would take a day of conversating).
    Freek, The Netherlans

    If I were Pythagoras

    I wouldn't go to school, because I'm already clever.
    Joris de Baat - The Netherlands

    If I were Pythagoras

    I wouldn't go to school, because I'm already smart.
    Isis Derksen - The Netherlands

    If I were Pythagoras

    I would made math easier.

    Lisa Jonker - The Netherlands

    If I were Hypatia

    I would be pround to be one of the greatest women mathematician of all time!!!!!!!!!


    If I were Carl Friedrich Gauss..

    ...I would like to see my face on a Euro note too.
    Svenja, Germany

    If I were Aethra...

    I would have invented an easier system of numbers.
    Lea M., Germany

    If I were Michael Stifel...

    I would have just established the natural logarithm, because the other one is confusing.
    Lea W. Germany