task 7: mission in Greece

  • Dear Ambassadors!

    You did an amazing job so far. You’ve woken up forces dormant for ages in Warmia and Thessaly. Armed with them, you’re ready for joint missions. 

    Purda, I’m sending YOU off across Europe from north to south. Find „father of medicine” and learn the basis of doctors’ ethics hidden in an oath. Tyrnavos, you’re a guide round Thessaly. 

    Moreover, HISTORY to stay in good condition needs emotions only ART can give. European anthem and drawings of monumental nature are tasks you’re obliged to do together. Drawings must be displayed in your headquarters, the anthem played by both of YOU must be public.

    The Minister of Education waits for your report.

    Good luck,

    Sirinies, the Antiquity assistant

    - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : - : -

    On the 29th March 2019 Purda Ambassadors were getting on board of an aeroplane to cross Europe as quicly as possible, not to waste a minute of precious time to help HISTORY. They all were full of enthusiasm and ready for an adventure!

    The very next day, following their guides (Tyrnavos Ambassadors), they fulfilled the first task of the mission.

    They found Hipocrates, the father of medicine and learnt that healthy diet and keeping fit is the key to wellbeing.

    Before Hipocrates times, people used to believe that during a night god Esclipios cured them in special places, today called hospitals. 

    Both groups in unision said the Hippocrates' oath:

    Without hesitation HISTORY Ambassadors embraced other challenges. They weren't afraid of high picks of Art hidden in a charcoal sketch workshop...

    ... and music. On the 1st April the Ambassadors took part in a music class led by Paraskevi Gogou. They practice a lot in the evening to give a final concert on the steps leading  to the building of 2 Primary School in Tyrnavos. The concert was on 4th April 2019.

    Greek and Polish students together participated in an open ICT lesson under the coordination of the school ICT teacher Koutalou Christina. Robotics, rogramming, exploring Mars ... It all wouldn't be possible if Copernicus wasn't so willing to reach the truth hidden high above people's heads and imagination. Maths, numbers, calculations were and still are the facts we're not going to discuss with.

    Brave Ambassadors experienced a lot during the week time mission in Greece. Priceless relationships and new friendships will stay with them forever! Beneath photo report shows their unbelieveable educational adventure.

    The trailer arouses an apetite for more such wonderful expeditions.

       Dear Minister of Education,

    mission accomplished!

                                                                        Purda and Tyrnavos Ambassadors