task 2: learn history of your place


              My name's Daniel and I have a message for you.

    The Minister of Education needs to know what historical buildings or remains can be found in your place of living. How big is the place and how many people live in there today?
    Your history teacher is to lead you around the village. Take photos and short videos. Visit your municipality to gather data. Form groups of explorers and bring reports back. 
    You haven't got a minute to lose. The time is short. HISTORY needs your help!

            Good luck!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

    The beneath presentation shows what Year 6 pupils of Primary School in Purda, Poland have learnt about Purda and its history. The research took place during an outside history lesson on a sunny day in October 2018.

    Three months later, on a cold December day, the researchers came back on their way to learn facts in numbers. They visited the Municipality, the local government authority. Although clerks are nice, friendly and easy going people, they left the place without data they were supposed to gather. The most important social lesson they got is: no crucial data without filling appropriate forms and waiting for a letter for a couple of days! Bureaucracy ;)