flipped classroom

  • Innovative for both partner school method opens new ways and approach in teaching and colaborating. Here you can grab some practical and theoretical information about the process that each educator keen on implementing a flipped model, is to go through. The workshop was lead by the English teacher of Primary School in Purda and it used a flipped method itself. A few days before the workshop the participants were given an access to material you can find below.


    The film is a short presentation of main assumptions of the flipped model prepared by one of its creators, Aaron Sams. Aaron Sams together with Jonathan Bergman started a new teaching approach in their school in 2007.  

    The hosts had an access to material prepared in Polish language by a blogger and Nowa Era publisher trainer, Justyna Mak. The infographic in five steps explains how to prepare a good flipped lesson.

    The proper lesson, in this case the workshop, was led via discussing pannel, shearing ideas group work and conclusion closed in an evaluation questionnaire. Follow the presentation beneath for details. The opening slide was accompanied with a question: "Can you find three differences in the photos?"

                                                                                                                                      Krystyna Izdebska, an English teacher