task 3: design a postcard

  •           Hi!

    I'm Julie, the kids section assisstant in the Ministry of Education. I'm really into travelling. And you? I love postcards. I send them to my friends and family when visiting a new place.

    Purda and Tyrnavos need new attractive postcards. Your task is to design them!
    The Minister opens a school contest "A postcard from my place of living". The committee at each school is going to select up to six projects. An online poll will point three projects to be printed and sent during your mobilities.

    Be creative, artistic and open-minded.

           Good luck!

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     Ambassadors of Pura proudly present their own and their collegues creative artwork. First round is finished.

     Get ready for an oustanding final effect soon!

    ~ * ~

    The three collective projects are to be printed however the contest hasn't been closed yet. We need both school societies to express their opinion and give votes for the best project. Fill in the questionnaire below the photos. It closes on 31st January 2019.



                                                                                                                                              ~ Primary School in Purda, Poand ~

    ~ * ~

    Pupils of 2nd Primary School in Tyrnavos invite to take part in polling for the best postcard from Tyrnavos. You can choose among six marvelous projects. 




    Tricider is a webside where you can express your opinion in three steps. The first step is already done. There are six ideas for the postcard from Tyrnavos. You are to make two further steps: express your opinion on one or more projects and finally give your vote for one project you like the most. It's easy! Click on the photo beneath and join us in the fun of creativity :)

                                                                          ~ 2nd Primary School in Tyrnavos, Greece ~