Project meeting held in Italy

  • C3 - European Citizenship to foster inclusion

    Campobasso – Italy

    14-18 October  2019

    Video presentation of the project week

    Monday 14th


       Welcome ceremony  with the hosting school Rector and Headmistress , Rossella Gianfagna  

    Official presentation of  the various delegations  

      Meeting the city Mayor  representative , Mr  Antonio Guglielmi, President of the town Council

     A speed dating activity based on  the European Heritage, the Erasmus project, the EU, inclusion  policies,   etc.

    Erasmus speedate.docx


      Tasting a typical traditional breakfast

          Guided tour around school for both students and teachers

     Presentations by the various delegations oft he past and present events that a national level  contributed in the formation of  t he EU ; international group work  on similarities and differences (and posters production and presentations)


         „ Treasure Hunt under riddles“: students had to understand riddles  present on QRCodes,find the suggested Town sites, note them on the city map , and return to school.Then the groups had to find the  treasure box  key to get the treasure.   

           Even teachers have a town tour accompanied by an Art teacher

    Tuesday 15th     

      Presentattions by the various delegations of past and present episodes of intolerance: gender, disability, sex preference, religion, etc.   

    Workshop in mixed groups to talk  about the outlined episodes of intolerance, to analyse  the inclusive mechanisms promoted by the EU and  to  write a newspaper article  (under the supervision of a local  journalist, Gianfranco Carlone)  about what should still be done to overcome   those episodes .

         The best article was published on a local newspaper.  

    Wednesday 16th  

         Discovering  the  terrible consequences of discrimation, prejudice, intolerance  by visiting the  Ardeatine Caves in Rome; examples of inclusion , by  guided visits  to the Jewish Ghetto , the Jewish Museum and Synagogue   in Rome



    Thursday   17th

    Guided  visit to Matera, (official Unesco World   Heritage site  and the European capital of culture  for the  year  2019),  to visit the  Sassi  , the third oldest city in the world with its cave dwellings

      Guided visit to Trani. Photo quest



    Friday 18th 

       Talks about  “The  Inclusion policies: Reflections and perspectives”

     Talk on “From assimilation to inclusion: the importance of  an intercultural attitude” by Flavia Monceri , Full Professor , having the chair of Political Philosophy at the Department of Humanities, Education   and Social Sciences  of the University of Molise .  

    To include means : to understand and accept, to overcome inner discomfort, to be ready to change one’s value system , ability to accept a refusal, empathy.

         Talk on “Social inclusion: European and Regional policy”  by  Professor Donato Toma, President  of Molise Region, who outlined the Europen measures and the regional priorities to foster inclusion.

      Talk on “Migrants, welcome and asylum and inclusion policies : Italian and Turkish experiences” , by Dr. Biagio Testa of The International Studies College in Campobasso  

    He showed  that the migrant flows  towards Italy are fewer than the ones communicated by the media, that migrants use Italy as a means to reach other countries, that their period  of stay  is  longer than the programmed one because of burocracy. He also pointed out some  wrong  European decisions, as granting Turkey so much money to keep  the Kurdish away from western  European countries, and now it menaces to open  the ghetto they are in and let them reach western European countries. 

           Talk on “Practices for the inclusion of migrants and refugees: our experience” by Dr Maria  Marcogliese, Operator of the Associatio “Dalla Parte degli Ultimi”  and by Mamadi Sawo, Cultural Mediator  to  give positive examples of inclusion.

     Students  fill in the final project questionnaire

    week evaluation.pdf

    week evaluation results.pdf


    Closing project ceremony 


                 Departure of the  various delegations