IES Pedro Jiménez Montoya

  • IES Pedro Jimenez Montoya is a medium-sized state school located in Baza, a town in the south of Spain.

    As in many other European cities, the percentage of immigrant and refugee population has increased in the past three years, which is getting progressively more noticeable at schools.​​​​​​​

    We offer both General Secondary (ages 12 to 16) and Upper- Secondary education (ages 16-18), as well as Vocational Education and Training. There are about 850 students and 82 teachers, although numbers can vary every year. Since 2004, this secondary school has been involved in several European programmes and initiatives, such as Socrates, Comenius or Etwinning.
    The motivation to join this project is closely linked to our strong conviction in the need to promote European citizenship among young people and to better their competences and skills by fostering communication and cooperation with other European youngsters. The fact th​​​​​​​at the school runs a CLIL project also drives this interest for arranging school- exchanges and organising joint ventures with other European school. In fact the contact person will be the CLIL or plurilingual coordinator at the school, supported by the plurilingual team and given the topics addressed, the school counselortoo.

    Nevertheless, this initiative is not a teachers' project, but the result of the school board's
    commitment to increase the quality of teaching and improve students' foreign language and intercultural competences by fostering the participation i​​​​​​​n Erasmus+ projects . In terms of contribution to this project, the school will bring its expertise in the area of digital competences (in 2004, it got its label as an ICT school, this year, it has started to implement in a project called gaming and gaining: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​gamification and blended learning in the plurilingual class), and especially in the field of cultural heritage, as the school has been taking part ​​​​​​​in a regional project called "Feeling and Living your heritage" since 2016.

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