Sint-Jozef Sint-Pieter

  • Our school offers a general, technical and vocational department. The technical education is specialized in management, office, IT and accountancy. These are the students that will participate in this project. They can follow a specialisation course of transport management assistant.

    The school chose five years ago to introduce iPad education (1 to 1) and has a considerable experience in this new way of school-education. The school has about 650 students and counts 80 teachers.

    The city of Blankenberge has a relatively high number of inhabitants who live on wellfare. We also get more and more students from a different etnical background. The result is that often our students make the wrong choice in their studies. That’s why the school has reformed the first 2 years. The students don’t make a choice from the beginning, but they all get different modules, such as science and technology, litterature and languages, social and economical studies. After they have discovered these different topics, they make a choice after 2 years. The purpose is to get the student in the courses that suit him the best, without the influence of his background. This is a way to promote social inclusion.