Liceo Scientifico "Mario Pagano"

  • The Liceo Scientifico “Mario Pagano” was established in 2002 and it is part of the National Boarding School “Mario Pagano” located in Campobasso, the capital city of Molise - Italy.

    It is located in the centre of the town , so it is easily accessible. It attracts local students but also the ones coming from the hinterland or from nearby regions as Campania and Puglia, since it offers students the possibility of being: half boarders, and in this case students besides attending the morning lessons , can also choose to remain at school in the afternoon so they have their lunch at school and participate in
    afternoon school projects, or attend extra curricular activities or simply to do their homework under the supervision of a class tutor. Students can also choose to be full boarders and in this case they can either attend the internal Liceo or other local schools present in the city , and they have their meals at the school canteen and sleep at school too.

    The Liceo provides students with competences that enable them to use in an authentic and meaningful way what they have learnt . So it tends to foster the development of the eight key competences of citizenship. At the end of the school course students have a diploma that offers them the opportunity to attend University or to start working and a curriculum based on a balanced distribution of scientific and humanistic subjects.

    They study: Italian Latin, English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Natural science, Drawing and Art History, Physical Education, Religion. But they have the opportunity to attend classes to achieve the B1 or B2 Language Certificates, the Computer EIpass Certificate, they can also participate in European projects as: Erasmus + KA201, Comenius, Cultural Class Exchanges; to national projects as “Read on for eCLIL”, “A Scuola di Open Coesione”, “Pon- ASL”, “PON- Sviluppo delle competenze di Base”.

    In the liceo there are 5 classes, 80 pupils and 12 teachers, 3 Tutors. We aim at participating at this project since we want to offer our students the possibility of: widening their cultural horizons; improving their foreign language and intercultural competences; fostering their European citizenship awareness in order to promote integration and tolerance.