• Strategies, Actions and Activities


    Face-to-face activities (conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, round tables...)

    Internet based activities (emails, e-newsletter, e-bulletins, online articles, social media, youtube...)

    Paper based activities (leaflets, article in print media, posters, flyers...)

    Media based (TV, Radio, DVD, CD, CDrom, USB)

    Promotional products (gadgets, goodies)

    Project activities


    Erasmus logo or emblem

    Schools websites: erasmus project section or link to project site/blog etc

    Press release announcing the beginning and closing of the project

    Press releases after each project meeting

    Emblem and disclaimer in printed materials


    LTT Activities Report

    English Version

    Best Practices definitive Microsoft pdf.pdf

    Other Languages:


    European Heritage report in Dutch.pdf








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