Eratos 2016

  • Organizing  the 2016 project

    Live meeting on december 30th


    In 2016, we will use the same organization as in 2015 (commented video of the videoconference ppt)





    Planning of tasks of eratos 2016 (Before the first measure)

    Name of task Action Place Production Task
    School data  Check : City, Country, Name of school, Latitude, Longitude, Google Map Google Drive   Teacher member
    School banner Create an image banner  (200 to 250 x800px)   Students  
      Upload an image Twinspace > Materials >Images>School Banner   Teacher member
    Text Banner Write a description of the school (native language and english) less than 100 words   Students  
      Publish the word document Twinspace > Materials >Files>Text Banner   Teacher member
    School presentation (ppt or video) Shoot and edit a video   Students  
      Publish a video video : Twinspace >Project Journal (embed Youtube or Vimeo)   Teacher member
      Publish a video video : Twinspace > Materials >Videos   Teacher member
      Create a ppt   Students  
      Publish a ppt ppt : Twinspace > Materials >Files>   Teacher member
      Publish a ppt ppt : Twinspace >Project Journal (embed)   Teacher member
    Students account Invite the students (username + pswd) Twinspace>Members>Invite members>Pupils   Teacher member
    Students presentation Create a forum (City Country) Twinspace>Forums>Add forum    Teacher member
      Create a thread (Student name) Twinspace>Forums>Add forum>City Country>Create thread    Teacher member
      Present oneself and interact with other students Twinspace>Forums> Students  
    Eratosthenes experiment  Present the historical experiment Library Twinspace> Teacher's guide