Rhodes-Amos GREECE (1)

  • Το παραδοσιακό καφενείο στην Ιερά Μονή Προφήτης Αμώς

    Traditional cafe at the church of "prophet" Amos and the church of "prophet" Elias

    Starting of the Rhodes town and along the eastern main road, (national roadRhodes-Lindos or Rhodes-Kallithea provincial road) comes in Faliraki. To the south of Faliraki rises the hill of prophet Elia where the two parishes are. Both have rare frescoes.

    In the top of the hill stands the prophet Elias church with spectacular views in Faliraki. At the foot of the same hill within an oasis stands the prophet Amos  church.

    There is a tradition saying that once Amos quarreled with prophet Elias and  the latter threw him a rock. Amos then beat the rock with his fist and punched it entirely. Since then, as a tradition of the place, from this hole toddlers pass to grow in height.

    Date Gnomon (cm) Shadow (cm) Angle (°)
    06 may 2015 65.5 23.5 19.7