• This project runs from January to December. Its aim is to calculate the circumference of the Earth, reproducing Eratosthenes experiment.

    Experimental activities will lead you to this result:
    1. Show the curve of earth's surface and the parallelism of solar rays.
    2. Observe the evolution of the shadow of a staff and deduce the course of the sun.
    3. Discover the moment of solar midday (the time when the shadow is at its shortest).
    4. Use a gnomon to deduce the angle of solar rays compared to the vertical.
    5. Use the result of the measure from a partner to calculate the circumference of the Earth

    The teachers guide and the pedagogic module detail those activities  in the EEE group

    The work process is determined by the 4 astronomical events (2 equinoxes, solstices 2) and promotional events (Festival of Science, workshop presentations ...)

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