Messinia GREECE (3)


    1st Kindergarten of Pylos

    Activities about light

    1. sources of light
    2. rectilinear propagation of light
    3. formation of shadows
    4. artistic practical implementation: shadow theatre

    Our activities for light and shadow:


    Activities about the sun

    1. We started from earthquakes then planet "Earth" and our solar system
    2. Then observations of the apparent movement of the sun from east to west during the day and the solar noon when the shadow is the shortest and the sun at its higher point.

    Our solar system... made from play doh

    Observations in the coutyard

    Activities about Eratosthenes

    The experiments

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    June measures    [ top ⇑ ]

    Date Gnomon (cm) Shadow (cm) Angle (°)
    10 June 2015 77 24 17.3
    11 June 2015 77 22 15.9


    June gallery

    May measures    [ top ⇑ ]

    Date Gnomon (cm) Shadow (cm) Angle (°)
    27/05/2015 77 26 18.7

     May gallery

    Activities about the seasons

    Comparing their observations during the year, they observe that the shadows are the shortest in summer and longest in winter.

    Collaborative activity with a kindergarden in Argentina

    Eratosthenes in 1st Kindergarten of Pylos (Greece) and kindergarten "Vicente Lopez y Planes" Anisacate (Argentina)
    on "La main a la Pâte " website