Work process

  • The work process is determined by the 4 astronomical events (2 equinoxes, solstices 2) and promotional events (Festival of Science, workshop presentations ...)

    0: before the first measurement
    Presentations and exchanges between pupils,
    Communication of the geographic coordinates of the school
    Publication of a Google map screenshot


    1: before any measurement
    Experimental preparation of the measure
    Organization of measures over several days (equinox or solstice Strategies)
    Solar noon prediction with the use ephemeris

    2 during the measurement
    Determination of the solar noon
    Measures of the height of the gnomon, and the length of the shadow,
    Photographiess and videos

    3 ° after measurement
    Instant communication through social networks
    Pooling of internet documents,
    Publication of the results of measurements on a shared spreadsheet in Google drive.
    Photos from the Facebook group, email or directly in the photo gallery of the TwinSpace
    Videos posted on Youtube

    4. before the videoconference
    Verification of results, estimation of measurement quality from ephemeris
    Looking for the best partnership in a shared spreadsheet in Google drive
    Choice of the partner school which will lead to the nearest calculation 40000km.
    Drawing the geometrical figure of the measurement, followed by calculation of the circumference of the Earth using a Geogebra model.
    Preparation of the videoconference with the slides (country-city-school-student-made) and intervention (of) student presenters
    Communication of the results during a videoconference.
    Publication of the video conferencing