The winner of the contest is ...

  • The winner of the contest is ... Klaudia Janowska!!!!


    And here is her mind-blowing micro-story:

    Like a girl

    “Run like a girl”, they said. So, I did.

    Feeling the wind ruffle my hair, I ran.

    From one leg to the other, delicately, carefully, without effort.

    Gain everyone’s attention, look rather perfect.

    “Why?” they said. “What does run like a girl mean to you?”

    I locked myself in silence. Sat down in a corner. Thought about all these strong, powerful women who fought for their rights, for equality.

    Therefore, why didn’t I run as fast as I could, the best I could?

    Our society has created this phrase “like a girl”.

    When did something “like a girl” become an insult?

    Why doesn’t it mean “win the race” in our heads?