Project Activities

  • We are going to work on different issues such as language, family, religion, education, gastronomy, politics, climate, customs, traditions, lifestyle, music, art etc organized into five main topics for study and research:

    1- Festivals and traditions. We will learn about the different artistic and cultural manifestations as well as the customs of the different countries. It is impossible to deny the influence of culture in our way of thinking and that’s why we want to work on them, to get to know about different festivities, their origins and the similarities among the countries.

    2. Prejudices and stereotypes. What do we think about ourselves and about the others? Is it real? How do they affect our attitude towards immigrants? We will also learn about the others and discover the contribution of foreign cultures to our own ones.

    3. Globalization and different lifestyles. We want to analyse how globalization is affecting  our way of living and we will see advantages and disadvantages. Are we losing our national identity because of globalization?. We will study about the use of the internet, social networks, mobile phones, Mass Media and so on.

    4- Role of women. We will study the traditional roles given to men and women in the different countries and the development of the role of women in the last century. We will pay special attention to all the messages abot women that our culture transmits us through music, cinema etc and we will discuss about equality between men and women and gender violence.

    5. Education system and citizen participation. We will compare our different education systems and the different ways to participate as critical citizens in our society.