Micro-stories contest

  • Hi guys,

    We are meeting soon. The topic this time is women and gender discrimination and here it is one activity.

    We have preprared a literature contest and these are the rules:

    First: it is a micro-story contest, so it can't be longer than 100 words

    Second: the topic is women

    Third: All the stories must be sent to this email: rosaledaproject@gmail.com

    Fourth: The closing date to send them is  February, the 22nd

    Fifth: The stories must be sent anonymously, so please don't use an account that we could recognize.

    Sixth: The competition will be judged by a jury consisting of three teachers: one from Romania, another one from Poland and one from Spain.

    Seventh: The prize will be a gift card of 50 euros for going shopping in El Corte Inglés, which is a big store in the centre of the town.

    So, come on! we are looking foward to reading you.

    And the winner is ...