Workshop: Gender violence against women (1)

  • The aim of this activity is to make students investigate about the current situation in their countries regarding gender violence against women and its impact on home environment, as well as the measures taken by the government to find a solution.

    For this purpose, we will split up students into three teams; each one will search for information about different aspects of this social problem in their own countries. Once in Spain, each country will share and present their findings to the other ones.

    Team 1

    They'll be looking for information about:

    (a) Number of women murdered by their partners in the previous year.

    (b) Number of women victims of sexual assault in the previous year.

    (c) Number of complaints of abuse against women that were filed.

    Team 2

    (a) Official organizations that assist battered women in their own countries.

    b) Resources provided by authorities to help women and their children to get out of this situation.

    c) Number of women who requested these services.

    Team 3

    (a) Offences under the Penal Code.

    (b) Penalties imposed on those who are guilty of violence against women.

    c) Measures taken to protect women and children who suffer from male violence.

    In the workshop in Spain, the different teams will work together and compare the information about their respective countries. Finally, they will draw conclusions and present the final outcomes.