4- Role of women



    Activity I. The students will discuss about the roles of the male and female members of their families, they will write down the differences in the distribution of domestic works, if any, as well as the jobs differences or those concerning the time they are allowed to return home. Later we will pool and compare the results and wrote down the most usual patterns.

    Activity II. The students will analyse the role of women in the belief system of their culture: religion, myths, folklore… What role have they played in our tradition? What contributions have they made to our culture? Besides, we will ask the students to mention characteristics that, in their opinion, have women. Later, we will ask the female students to know if they recognise those characteristics as theirs and if they find similarities between them and those women present in our traditional stories. 

    Activity III. During the meeting with the other students we will show them our conclusions. Afterwards we will watch the film Twilight or Fifty shades of Grey. We will analyse the most harmful stereotypes and look for different ways to change them. We will compare gender equality in each country and we will study the measures that had led to the most degrees of equality.

    Activity IV. We will analyse the most popular women’s magazines: Vogue, Cosmopolitan… and we will write down the most common physical characteristics of the women who appear. Later we will draw a woman with all these characteristics and we will compare her with the women we find on the streets or in the high school. Do these magazine women represent us? 

    Activity V. Is gender violence only a problem in our country? This activity is expected to be done with our international partners. The host country will be Spain because of its catholic tradition and macho culture. Every country will bring the numbers of women killed so far this year and the host country will arrange a talk with a social agent who would talk about the laws, what kind of help women receive as well as the prevention policies, etc We will talk about women development in our society, the laws that have improved her progressive emancipation, we will have workshops to analyse the song lyrics from the point of view of gender equality and we will also analyse the role of women in publicity. 

    Activity VI. We are going to investigate about important women from each country and from different fields in order to elaborate a brief history of the woman in Europe. The results will be shown in each school to get the women contribution better known.

    Activity VII. We will elaborate a table with the main physical and physiological differences between women and men of different ages. The students will discover the early similarity during the first years and how the hormonal activity produces the secondary sexual features. We do believe that knowledge makes us respect the differences. So, we will study the following points: -Basic notions of the endocrine system. -The most important hormone glands. -Sexual glands and their activity. -To compare it with other examples from the natural world.