• The project UniDiversity has started in September 2017 and is a programme coufounded by the Erasmus+ with the support of the European Union.

    The project is divided into 5 areas of studies:

    1. Tradition and Festivals

    2. Stereotypes

    3. Globalization

    4. Role of Woman

    5. Education in Europe

    There are currently 3 schools participating in this project from 3 different countries:

    Poland IES International European School with students from MY3 and HS 1 

    Spain I.E.S. La Rosaleda from Malaga with HS students

    Romania German Institute J. Ettinger with HS students.

    As first task we asked the students from different schools to design a logo and to realize on facebook a Logo Contest in order to choose a representative image that will be used as main profile picture for all the Social Media plataforms. 

    Anyone can vote for the logo following this link and leaving a like on the picture. The picture with largest number of likes will win the contest.